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New hiking and biking trails open in Hatta, Dubai



Dubai Municipality has launched the first phase of the Hatta hiking project. As part of the Hatta Comprehensive Development Plan, a 9 kilometre trail has opened, linking key tourist attractions such as the Hatta Biking Track and Hatta Kayak.

This first phase, called ‘City Hiking’, also passes through Hatta Heritage Village, the three dams, Al Tala Park, and family recreation and children’s playing areas, as well as a number of farms in the Al Sharia area, the fruit and vegetable market and the Hatta 360 project. The first phase ends at the Hatta Dam where the second phase of the project will start from.

The project has four hiking trails in total, with the first one being a three kilometer flatland hiking trail, with the others being mountain hiking trails with various levels of difficulty, designed for experienced bikers, beginners and disabled people.

Head of Dubai Municipality Hatta Centre Omar Al Mutaiwei said: “The ‘Hatta Hiking’ project aims to provide visitors with new opportunities to explore the region. The hiking trail, which was designed in a way that links various tourist locations, seeks to attract more visitors to Hatta. The objective of such Dubai Municipality projects is to support the development of the area and highlight its historical and natural attractions to tourists.”

If Hatta wasn’t on your radar before, then it should be now. Just take a look at some of these stunning Instagrams showcasing just how beautiful the Hajar Mountains are. The Hatta Dam and Hatta Reservoir Visitor Point overlook stunning green waters.

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Depending on where you are leaving from in Dubai’s city centre, driving there should take anywhere between 1.15 hours to 2 hours.

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