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Drivers in Dubai to face new driving laws



Expats driving in the UAE listen up. From July 1 expats will need to renew their driving license every five years. And, if you’re a new driver, you’ll start with a two-year licence.

According to new traffic rules issued by Lt. General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, expats will have to renew their driving licence every five years as opposed to every 10 years. All new drivers regardless of their age will have to renew their driving licence every two years.

The new laws do not apply to Emiratis who will only have to renew their driver’s licence once every 10 years.

Eager to find out if the new rules will affect expats who already have a licence with a 10 year validity ShortList called Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) customer service where we were told that said information has not yet been disclosed and that we’d have to wait for an official statement from the RTA. However, reports from legal experts state that it is unlikely that the new rules will affect those who already hold a UAE driving licence.

While we wait for clarification with regards to whome the new law applies, we do know that it was passed in an attempt to improve road safety. Major General Saif Al Zafeen, Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council, told national newspaper Gulf News that the move is meant to prevent people with chronic diseases from driving.

“The move will reduce traffic accidents caused by drivers who are suffering from chronic diseases as these affect motorists’ ability to drive safely,” he said.

He added that medical facilities will be linked to traffic departments across the country meaning that they will be able to both monitor the driver’s health and have access to their medical reports.

The new law also states that motorists will need a separate driving licence and a permit to drive a motorbike, quadbike and an electronic scooter.

It also highlighted that driving a quadbike and electronic scooter is a form of entertainment and therefore can only be used in the desert.

The new rules that will be effective from July 1 will also reduce the driving speed in residential areas to 40kmph. All drivers have also been warned against making loud noises and endangering lives of pedestrians near hospitals and schools.

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