16 things that you only do if you live in Dubai

1. Go on a full-blown “night out” at lunchtime.
“Just eaten breakfast, which means that it’s time to get ready!”

2. Call the shop downstairs and ask them to deliver one bottle of water.
“Don’t look at me like that, I’m thirsty.”

3. Refer to the Burj Khalifa or the Burj Al Arab as simply “The Burj”.
Everyone knows which one you mean based on the context of your conversation.

4. Refer to the malls by their acronym – “Are you going to MOE or DFC?”
Apart from The Dubai Mall, that’s just always “Dubai Mall”.

5.  Walk into a restaurant and order something that isn’t on the menu.
“Yeah I know you don’t have a fruit platter on the menu but can you just go to the kitchen and chop up some fruit? Thanks.”

6. Go to the cinema just to buy popcorn and leave without even seeing a movie.
“I’m just going to eat this at home watching Netflix.”

7. Take pictures of bathrooms because they’re so impressive.
Dubai is the only place where a public toilet is nicer than your toilet at home.


8. Go for lunch in a 7 star hotel like it’s no biggy.
“Meet you at the Burj at 1.30pm.”

9. Turn up to everything 30 minutes later than scheduled.
“She said to meet at the Burj at 1.30pm so shall we leave at 1.45?”

10. Pop into the biggest mall on the planet to grab a coffee.
It’s your local, after all.


11. Ignore the Bugatti that just drove past you…
… because you saw a chrome one earlier that was much more impressive.

12. Tweet things like this.

13. Stop to take pictures of Police cars…
… because they’re the coolest Police cars in the world.

14. Buy gold in a vending machine.
You got bored of buying snickers and Gatorade.

15. Go skiing when its 40 degrees outside.
… and complain about how cold it is for the full 60 minutes.

16. Walk from your sun lounger to the pool like this…
… because you forgot your flip flops and it’s summer.

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