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VIDEO: Diver shares incredible video of orcas in UAE waters



A UAE-based scuba diving instructor shared a video of Orcas swimming off the coast of the UAE on Tuesday evening. Twitter user @m_dubai97’s video has been retweeted 88 times, with many calling the creatures “majestic”.

The post included the caption, “Orcas spotted for the first time ever in the UAE”, however, he has since tweeted a correction, saying that it is one of a handful of times.

Either way, orcas are a rare sight in nearby waters. But it seems that there have been a few “killer whales” in the region lately. Facebook user “Kirsty HillBilly” posted a video that has now been viewed over 11,000 times. She captioned it: “Never in a million years did I expect to see 2 killer whales in Oman!! Best day EVER!!”

There have also been videos posted on social media showing people swimming with orcas in Oman.

Although they may be large and often referred to as “killer whales”, the name is a bit misleading. Wild orcas are not considered a strong threat to humans. However, many experts advise that humans don’t swim with them due to their size and weight.

In 2014 this incredible video emerged, showing orcas playing with kayakers in Norway.


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