12 signs that Dubai’s summer is coming

1. You walked outside and your sunglasses steamed up.
And you’re now getting used to wiping your phone screen on your T-shirt before you send a text.

2. You’re a little bit scared to put your hands on the car steering wheel.
You’re not sure when you’re going to burn your hands, but you know that the day is coming.

3. People start talking like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.
Apart from the trepidation is about summer, not winter.

4. When your friends call and ask if they can come and visit Dubai, you issue a disclaimer.
You are welcome to visit during the summer months but please be aware that the host does not accept responsibility for heat complaints or excessive sweating. Terms and conditions do apply.

5. Last time you put your jeans on, it felt like a mistake.
It’s almost time for those skinny jeans to go to the back of the wardrobe for five months.

6. You stop visiting your friends who don’t utilise their air conditioning.

7. You wake up instantly annoyed.
“Don’t look at me like that.”

8. You plan your hairstyle based on what it will look like in three hours.
Wearing your long hair down to go to Blue Marlin is no longer an option. Lucky braids are “in”.

9. You turn on the cold tap and it’s not cold.
*Gasps* … “Summer? Is that you already?”

10. Winding the window of your car down is like turning on a hairdryer and directing it at your face.
On the plus side, there’s no need to dry your hair in the morning.

11.You are struggling to walk from the pool to your sun lounger in bare feet.
You kind of hop your way there instead.

12. Everyone starts organising a “final” outdoor brunch while they still can.
You all brave the heat and ignore the fact that everyone has beads of sweat on their foreheads.

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