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1,700 passengers have used Dubai’s self-driving vehicle and this is what they thought



It seems that Dubai’s plans to make 25 percent of journeys driverless by 2030 is in full swing. The Smart Autonomous Vehicle has been tested for two months in Business Bay by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Properties. The overall satisfaction of users hit an impressive 91 percent overall.

This comes as a result of a survey of 736 users are between 20 and 40, who were asked to rate their trip and share their thoughts about how the vehicle will change transport in Dubai.

Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, CEO of Licensing Agency and Chairperson of RTA Smart Vehicles Committee, said: “91 percent were interested in providing autonomous vehicles as a means of public transport. 80 percent of respondents expected that the technology would improve traffic safety and reduce road accidents, while 82 percent expected the technology would ease traffic congestion, and 90 percent expected the technology to result in less fuel consumption.”

Wider usage of the smart vehicles certainly will result in less fuel consumption. They are 100 percent eco-friendly, running off electrically powered engines with an eight-hour battery life. Each vehicle can carry up to 10 passengers (six sitting and four standing), and reach 10 km per hour. While that may not sound very fast, this is not built to travel down Sheikh Zayed Road – it is for closed interior streets within residential complexes and entertainment venues.

Overall, as many as 1,700 people were able to use the driverless vehicles in Business Bay during the trial run. And by the sounds of things, we could see more driverless vehicles elsewhere in Dubai soon.

“During the trial run, the driverless vehicles has been used in the Business Bay by as many as 1700 riders comprising public transport users and private vehicle owners. The RTA is considering to broaden the use of the autonomous vehicle elsewhere in Dubai emirate including metro stations, malls and tourist attractions. Meanwhile, the RTA is drafting regulations and legislations governing the smart transport strategy in the emirate to come out with a clear legal framework that regulates the usage of self-driving vehicles in first and last miles, central areas, commercial complexes, residential areas and parks,” Bahrozyan added.

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