VIDEO: Dubai Police to launch crime prediction programme

Dubai’s Police force is ready for the future, as they announce plans for a special crime prediction programme.

Over the weekend a video was uploaded to Dubai Police’s official Twitter and Instagram explaining that the General Head Quarters of Dubai Police Operations has sponsored a new programme to predict crime before it happens.

In the video Brigadier Khalid Ali Al Marri, Deputy Director of the General Department of Operations, Communications and Technical Affairs, explains: “This programme predicts the time and location of the crime. Such a capability would allow us to arrive at the crime scene before the criminal and stop the crime before it happens.”

The video finishes by saying that “Dubai Police fights crime in all its forms, including cyber-crimes,” which indicates that this could play a big part in the new programme, however, more details were not revealed.

Dubai is constantly innovating new ways to make the city safer. Another recent example of this is Dubai’s Civil Defence’s ‘Dolphin’ which is a way to fight fires with water jetpacks.

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