11 signs that you should move back to Dubai

1. Since you’ve left Dubai, you’re finding it hard to get back into the habit of locking your door.
Keeping a close eye on your possessions and personal safety seems so unnatural.

2. You tried to make an appointment with your doctor and they gave you a date in 3 weeks’ time.
“But… but when I lived in Dubai I could usually get an appointment the same day!”

3. You forgot to pick up milk on your trip to the supermarket and there was nobody to bring it to you.
*Calls local supermarket* “What do you mean you won’t come to my house with one pint of milk?! Outrageous.”

4. You went into a public toilet and it looked like a public toilet.
Dubai has toilets in restaurants and malls that look like five-star hotel resorts.

5. You got your first pay slip… and the tax man took a big chunk of your money.
“This would never happen in Dubai.”

6. You went to Starbucks to grab a coffee and found yourself standing in the most standard looking coffee shop that you’ve ever seen.
“You people need to see the Starbucks in Ibn Battuta Mall.”


7. Your friends invited you to a restaurant and there was nothing with edible gold on the menu.
“Seriously guys, this is not fine-dining.”

8. You went to fill up your car with gas and realised that you might need to re-mortgage your home to cover the cost.
And even worse, you had to fill the tank yourself.

9. You went out to the shops and not a single person referred to you as “Ma’am-sir”.
In fact, nobody bothered to smile at you at all.

10. You had a craving for Lebanese food and you couldn’t find it anywhere!
Unless you’ve just moved back to Lebanon, of course.

11. The shopping…
Sure prices might be slightly cheaper else where, but where else can you find a mall that will deliver your shopping bags for you? No where else, only Mall of the Emirates can do that…

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