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Dubai Healthcare Authority has announced changes to sick leave



The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) has just made some changes to the way sick leave works.

From now on you will no longer be entitled to predicted sick leave which means that you will only be eligible for sick leave from the day you go to the hospital and not any time before (previously medical professionals could pre-date a sick leave certificate for up to three days prior to your visit).

The Director of the Health Planning Department at DHA Marwan Al Mulla released an official statement announcing that the new rule comes as an attempt to improve the transparency between public and private health facilities.

Al Mulla also announced that the DHA has reprogrammed its electronic sick leave system (Sharian) to no longer accept predated sick leave certificates.

If you’re new to Dubai, or to the work force, here’s some sick leave information that you might find useful…

As per Article 83 of the UAE Labour Law an employee is not entitled to any paid sick leave during his/ her probation period. However, three months after the probation period has ended, you as an employee are entitled to no more than 90 days of either continuous or intermittent sick leave per year.

Once you provide your sick leave certificate (three months after your probation period) and it has been approved you will be eligible for your full pay for the first 15 days, half pay for the next 30 days and no pay for the remaining days.

Should you fail to provide your sick certificate or take leave beyond the specified period your pay will be reduced following the day that your leave has expired that’s as per Article 89 of the UAE Labour Law. So basically if your sick certificate is valued until May 1 and you are absent on May 2, your pay for that day will be deducted.

It is also important to note that as per Article 84 of the UAE Labour Law you will not be applicable for paid sick leave if the illness is caused as a result of misconduct.

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