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UAE road safety experts issue advice for cruise control emergencies



Having your car stuck on cruise control must be an extremely scary experience. However, UAE road safety experts say that the first thing that you should do is remain calm and manoeuvre into the lane with the least traffic.

You should then shift the gears to neutral and find a safe place to stop. Experts say that your car’s braking system should still be able to slow the car down.

“Drivers should try to disengage the drive by shifting the gear lever to neutral, and then using the brakes to slow the vehicle down and stop in a safe place,” Phil Clarke, a principal road safety consultant at Transport Research Laboratory UAE was quoted saying in The National.” One of the problems is that people panic and don’t think rationally. At low speeds the brakes may even be sufficient to override the drive, and when the vehicle is stopped the ignition can be turned off.”

This comes after a driver’s cruise control was stuck at 120kmph on Maliha Road to Sharjah. The Emirati man called the Police to say that his cruise control had failed. Apparently the car kept travelling at the same speed when he shifted the gear to neutral.

Several Police patrols arrived at the scene to help the man and give him instructions over the phone. He was told to keep his car in neutral, while a Police patrol in front of him used its brakes to slow him to a gradual stop.

This is not the first time that cruise control emergencies have been reported in the UAE.

Remember to have your car serviced regularly. If you do find yourself in trouble, stay calm and follow the advice from the road safety experts.

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