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15 hilarious #DubaiProblems on Twitter



1. Just casually cooking in the car.

2. We’re pretty sure James means 10k in UK pounds!

3. So little time so many iftars.

4. Living 70-floors up is great… if you can see out of the windows…

5. Do we just spend our lives asking each other who has change?

6. Do you dress for the weather or for the A/C?

7. So many Lamborghinis lying around.

8. The struggle is real.

9. When you have to brunch in the same shoes twice…

10. Wait… what?!

11. Everyone knows that pens are fair game.

12. We truly hope Melissa managed to get through it.

13. What does a guy have to do to get a helicopter around here?

14. Office A/C wars…

15. *Sighs*

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