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Is Ramadan a good time to get a better deal on rent in Dubai?



With shorter working hours and less events, Ramadan is often thought of as a slower month for many industries. So does this mean that we’ll see a slump in rents?

According to data from, Ramadan won’t have much effect on the rental market, however, summer will.

“’Ramadan has fallen during the summer months over the past four years. Many naturally assume that this will be a quiet period, but online searches and enquiries on indicate in fact the opposite. Due to the heat and the shortened working days, people spend more time at home, and have excess time to search online,” said Lukman Hajje, Propertyfinder Group’s chief commercial officer.

He added: “Consumers are spending more and more of their free time browsing the web on their mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops and even their Smart TV’s. Even when people are shopping at malls, socialising at friends’ houses or travelling, they remain connected.’’

Despite the difference in online behaviour, this often doesn’t lead to an increase in activity in the rental or sales market, as the heat often deters people from viewing properties.

Propertyfinder say that it’s business as usual during Ramadan, however, the summer months are slower. One of the reasons for this is that there tend to be less people in Dubai over the summer.

‘’While property inspections decrease due to the heat or due to people being out of the country during summer, those that do attend viewings, tend to be far more serious about their search. Either they are hard negotiators looking for seasonal deals or they are customers who have a time limit on their move. The fact that summer coincides with the end of the school year, adds to this urgency as many rental contracts coincide with the school year, particularly villas and larger apartments that are often occupied by families,’’ concludes Hajje.

During January and February, which are peak months, daily enquiries on the propertyfinder site are up 11 to 23 percent. The activity slows down from April until July.

That means, if you’re looking to get a good deal, you’ve got a better slightly better chance of bagging a bargain all the way up until July.

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