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This is the most popular Facebook topic for women in the UAE



In today’s digital age, you are almost guaranteed to walk in to a room where almost half, if not more than half, of the people in the room are on their phones.

According to a survey commissioned by Facebook IQ, most of the women in said room are on Facebook watching make-up tutorials.

It’s true, 74 percent of the UAE residents surveyed revealed that their video topic of choice on Facebook is beauty. The statistic is almost twice as much as the rest of the world, which surveyed at 48 percent.

Of the many types of beauty videos on offer, transformation videos proved the most popular at 66 percent, while videos of people unpacking beauty products come in second with 53 percent (as a team that has spent hours watching a hot knife cut through random objects, we are not judging).

Aside from the preferred video topic, the survey conducted by Kantar Media found that 79 percent of residents in the UAE increased their online video viewing over the past year.

It also found that people in the UAE are more likely to watch a video on their mobile as opposed to a desktop and that 77 percent of them prefer to watch videos that are under 10 minutes.

We’d love to tell you what the guys in the room are watching but the survey was only conducted on women between the age of 18 and 64.

Fun fact – the video of Chewbacca Mom was watched over 170 million times last year, which made it the most watched Facebook Live video of 2016.

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