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Dubai to paint roads red to stop speeding



Dubai’s roads could look significantly different in the near future.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it will be painting several roads in the city red to indicate a change in road speed.

The initiative is an attempt to both alert drivers of a change in speed limit and to help minimise the amount of accidents on key roads in the city such as Sheikh Zayed Road.

The RTA explained the project in a series of tweets.

“RTA has started colouring asphalt in “Red” in parts of streets subject to change in speed limits. [The roads include] Oud Metha Street (near Bu Kadrah Interchange) along the extension of Dubai-Al Ain Street where the maximum speed limit is reduced from 100kmph to 80kmph.

“The process involved coloring all lanes in an eye-catching style to help [grab] the attention of road users to the new speed limit.”

“Asphalt coloring would be implemented in phases at locations subject to speed change in other vital roads in Dubai in a gradual timeframe.

“Therefore, we expect motorists to get used to it for their own safety and avoid offences and accidents resulting from speeding.”

The project forms part of the RTA’s “Safe and Smooth Transport for All” vision as well as its Traffic Safety Strategy which aims to have zero road accident fatalities in the Emirate.

Speaking on the news, the CEO of the RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency Maitha bin Adai told local news agency WAM: “The red painting will next be implemented on Sheikh Zayed Road near the fifth interchange where the speed limit has been reduced from 120kmph to 100kmph. It will also be applied to the Jebel Ali-Lehbab Road near Lehbab, where the speed limit has been reduced from 120kmph to 100kmph.

“We anticipate that this course of action will contribute to lowering the number of future accidents.”

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