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DXB to have the world’s first gate-less border



Dubai International Airport has teamed up with British-based company ObjectTech to create what could be the world’s first “gate-less border”.

DXB will be testing out a new facial recognition software that aims to scan its passengers biometrics on the go.

According to a statement on ObjectTech’s official website, the gate-less border will allow passengers “to step off their flight and walk straight to baggage reclaim section via a biometric verification”.

The verification will mean that travellers will “be registered into the country using a pre-approved and entirely digitised passport, which will contain information from the electronic chip in physical passports, finger prints, iris scans and facial recognition data”.

Should the system work, it could ease the flow of traffic at one of the world’s busiest airport and cut down travel time significantly.

The news comes days after the bustling airport announced that it will be introducing the world’s first ever smartphone passport.

The Emirates Smart Wallet will allow you to save personal information such as your Emirates ID, passport and e-gate card so that you can pass through the airport quickly.

Besides being convenient and time-saving to travellers, local news agency WAM  reported that it also aims to keep travel clearing procedures to a minimum.

Both the Emirates Smart Wallet and the proposed “gateless border” fall under the airport’s “Together” initiative which aims to enrich passenger experience at the city’s main airport.

To do so, the Dubai International Airport along with its partners have teamed up to tackle the challenges faced in six key areas; speed, smart, safety, security, saving and service.

Speaking on the news, Emirates’ Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Adel Al Redha said: “Last year, over 57 million passengers flew on Emirates, to Dubai or through Dubai, and that number continues to grow. To us, the hub experience and sustaining our growth is very important.”

He added: “Making use of technology and bringing new initiatives to life is key to building our future and staying ahead of competition. By working together we have a great opportunity to fast-track these initiatives and overcome challenges to improve the Emirates customer journey at our Dubai hub.”

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