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Emirates Airline looks to introduce augmented reality goggles



It seems that Emirates are coming up with new ways to beat off the competition every week. The latest innovation that could help the airline shake off rivals is smart goggles.

The carrier is looking at equipping staff with augmented reality goggles that display information like the passenger’s name, preferences and travel habits. Bloomberg quoted Emirates’ chief digital and innovation officer Christoph Mueller, who explained that it will allow for a personalised service.

“We could enhance customer service tremendously,” said Mueller. “The consumer will want to interact in a completely different way.”

And the augmented reality fun isn’t just reserved for airline staff. Emirates is also looking at providing passengers with smart goggles so that they can easily navigate airports and view menus.

The airline has recently turned the boarding pass into a discount card in Dubai, making it more worthwhile for holidaymakers to travel to the UAE with Emirates.

Upgrades are also being made to the First Class cabin. Addressing the makeover, Emirates’ CEO Tim Clarke released an official statement that reads: “Our products and services across cabin classes are continually improved and enhanced. But what our customers will see on Emirates’ new 777s starting from November, will be a much bigger revamp that takes our onboard experience to the next level.

“All cabins will sport a totally fresh new look. We are excited to showcase the results of years of planning and development invested into our new First Class offering, and our overall Emirates 777 experience. More details will follow, watch this space.”

And it’s not just the airline’s First Class cabins that are getting a new look; Emirates revealed that the aircraft will see new features added to its Business and Economy Class cabins too.

These innovations come as Emirates recorded an 82 percent drop in annual profit, however, the airline is no stranger to new concepts. It pioneered the private suite concept on commercial flights in 2003 which established a new standard for First Class travel. The airline’s inflight customer experience already includes shower spas, an onboard lounge, Wi-Fi and of course, its award-winning entertainment system ICE.

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