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It looks like WhatsApp video is now available in the UAE



Calling your friends and family just got much, much cheaper!

Word that WhatsApp’s video and voice call feature is now available in the UAE has been spreading like wild fire – with over 80 percent of the UAE population consisting of expats, it’s clear to see why.

While du and Etisalat have yet to release an official statement, it is believed that the video feature was released in the UAE earlier this morning.

Eager to try it out for ourselves, we rang a few of our friends and, it worked! During our brief yet successful mission, we also found that both features are available on Etisalat and du networks and that quality of the video and the sound, much like everything else, depends on your data speed.

As for added costs, a customer representative from du told Gulf News that: “There will not be any charge, as long as you have Internet connection. You might be able to do video calls, but you will get some interruption or error message. Voice calls have been activated since late last year.”

To try out the neat feature, all you need to do is tap on the small video icon located on the top right of your screen and wait for the person that you are trying to call to answer.

The news of the feature’s availability comes roughly one year after the du announced that mobile phone users in UAE could not access the service due to regulatory compliance.

“Voice calls through WhatsApp are blocked in compliance with the UAE’s telecommunication regulations that allow VoIP services to be provided in the country only by licensed telecom operators,” du’s official statement read.

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