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VIDEO: This is how Dubai Water Canal was built



When development of the Dubai Water Canal started, the map of the city was changed forever. During construction, over 10 million cubic metres of earth was moved to develop 9km of the canal.


And although the waterway is open, work hasn’t finished yet. Marasi Business Bay will be a waterfront destination within the city, with 10 floating water homes, restaurants and a yacht club. The low rise 250,000 square metre development will also have a 12 kilometre promenade, palm trees and marinas.

The villas, which will be part of the first stage of development, will actually be fixed to the canal base and give the appearance that they are floating. The homes will be built in Finland and transported to the UAE to take their place. According to Dubai Properties, these will be the first homes in the UAE to have both pedestrian and boat access.


“Our objective is to create unique, innovative and environmentally friendly real estate products, utilising groundbreaking, multidisciplinary off-site construction technology,” said Mikael Hedberg, CEO of Admares.

These water homes will be near ‘floating restaurants’, which are sure to make the area one of Dubai’s major landmarks. On-shore there will be boutique shops and entertainment facilities.

It’s estimated that the project will cost AED1 billion to complete.

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