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Job vacancies on steady increase in the UAE



It looks like the second half of 2017 will be even better for job seekers in the UAE.

According to the latest figures collected by one of the nation’s leading recruitment websites, the number of job vacancies in the UAE has increased by 14 percent.

Human resources, entertainment, hospitality and recreation are among the fields that currently have the highest rates of job vacancies in the region.

Aside from the UAE, also found that the MENA region as a whole has been experiencing a steady increase in the job market, with “tens of thousands” of jobs reportedly up for grabs.

In an attempt to help all those currently looking for jobs, we’ve asked the Vice President of Employer Solutions at Suhail Masri, for some tips on how to make your CV stand-out.

1. Make Your CV Relevant
“Every vacancy has certain requirements and expectations from job applicants. Certainly, not all job seekers are equal in terms of suitability. This is where CV relevancy comes in. When a company posts a job on for example, they specify what they look for using keywords and categories that fit the position at stake. The more your CV matches those keywords, the more relevant it is for the job posting, hence the higher your rank. Naturally, a higher rank elevates your application on the list and your CV is then more likely to be viewed by the employer.”

2. Make Your CV Fresh
“It doesn’t take a lot of time to add a new item to your CV whenever there is progress in your career. Keeping your CV fresh also reflects how you are coping with the ever-changing times, which is vital in most fields of work. Employers can filter out applicants based on CV freshness. If your CV is not up-to-date, you are likely to be ignored.”

3. Make Your CV Specific
“Each employer looks for something different in their potential employee, even if two jobs are similar in nature. This is why having a CV tailored to each job you apply for is important. Of course, there are numerous reasons for why you would want to create multiple CVs, just make sure that you are submitting the most relevant CV for each job’s requirements, industry standards and location specifications.”

4. Make Your CV Stronger
“Sometimes, a CV is not enough to grab the attention of the employer. A CV simply gives a glimpse into your achievements and its only purpose is to secure a job interview, not the dream contract. So, you really need a well-written covering letter to accompany your application. This takes the relevant experiences and elaborates on them, offering a more comprehensive idea about you and why you are a fit for the job.”

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