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Emirates Airline issues statement to clarify job cut claims



You may have seen reports that Emirates Airline is letting go of staff in an effort to streamline. However, although it was claimed that “dozens of employees” have left the company, Emirates say that this is nothing unusual for a 103,000-strong workforce.

A spokesperson for Emirates said:  “There is no change in staff turnover rates in the past weeks, and no program to reduce headcount. We continuously review all areas of our operations as part of good business practice, including department structures and roles. This is no different from previous years.”

While it seems that there is no big change in staffing levels at the Dubai-based airline, there has been a decline in recruitment.

The statement added: “Recruitment has slowed down as we streamline our operations, introduce new technologies, and find ways to better deploy existing resources internally. However, we continue to hire for critical roles.”

The statement comes shortly after a new report published by aviation consultants Campbell-Hill Aviation Group, stated that Emirates has actively provided over 104,000 jobs to Americans and has generated more than US$21.3 billion to the US economy.

The report, published on the 25th anniversary of the US “Open Skies” agreement, aimed to quantify the annual economic impact that Emirates had on the US economy in 2015.

It found that Emirates helped bring over 580,000 new travellers to the US who otherwise might not have visited, and helped generate over US$3.2 billion of new trade-based revenue.

Speaking on the news, the President of Emirates Sir Tim Clark said: “Campbell-Hill’s data reaffirms the significant stimulative effect of Emirates’ operations on the US economy.

“It shows we’ve brought hundreds of thousands of new travelers to the United States, helped increase competitive air transport options for over a million American and international travelers who flew with us, and contributed to increased demand for US exports in aerospace and many other sectors.”

Determined to address competing US airlines who often blast the airline with claims of government subsidies, Clark said: “Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and their proxies continually pour money in to lobby and make unfounded accusations against Emirates, but they have never filed a formal US Department of Transportation complaint against Emirates, even though this is the statutory process long relied on by US airlines to address allegations of unfair competition. That itself is telling.”

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