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VIDEO: Dubai-based couple’s romantic engagement on-board a flight



These days engagements are big business (just check out this story of a guy who shelled out AED1 million). But a simple, no-frills proposal can sometimes be just as sweet.

Take Jack and Sarin for example. The Dubai-based couple were on a trip to Armenia celebrate two year’s since meeting, flying with Middle East Airlines.

During the flight a member of cabin crew filmed Jack walking down the aisle, saying loudly: “Sorry everybody. Sorry. Attention. I want to tell you all a small story that happened to me two years ago… Two year ago my dad passed away in Armenia, and on my way back I met a person who changed my life.”

“Sarin,” he says, as everyone starts clapping. “In this two years, honestly, she changed my life. My business became better. My situation got better. From A to Z. It’s just like God has sent you. So, that’s why, after two years, in this same month, we are going back to Armenia. To celebrate our second anniversary. In the same time, I want to say something. Sarin Aynedjian, I love you, will you marry me?”

The plane errupts into a round of applause. And, we have to say, that’s a pretty sweet speech. Ooft… is someone chopping onions?

#RelationshipGoals and all that.

Last year, another Dubai couple’s flight-themed proposal went viral. Check the video out here.

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