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STUDY: Are we too lazy to walk in the UAE?



A recent study published in international science journal, Nature, revealed the most and least active countries in the world… and apparently we’re not walking enough in the UAE (we’re sitting down right now, and feeling a little bit guilt about it).

According to the study, which included 68 million days’ worth of data from built in accelerometers of 700,000 smartphones from around the world, the average number of daily steps taken by people in the UAE is 4,516, which is below the global daily average of 4,961 steps.

Does this make us lazy? Probably not – we have a great excuse. The low number of steps amongst UAE residents can be linked to the fact that many people need to drive around the city, rather than walk. The main reason for this infrastructure is the soaring temperatures during summer, which makes any sort of physical activity outdoors almost impossible to carry out.

And, to make you feel even better, the UAE isn’t actually in the bottom bunch. Indonesia was named the least active, with people averaging 3,513 steps per day, followed by Saudi Arabia with 3,807 and Malaysia with 3,963.

Hong Kong came out on top with an average of 6,880 steps, while China and Ukraine placed second and third with averages of 6,189 and 6,107 respectively.

Lest active
Indonesia – 3,513
Saudi Arabia – 3,807
Malaysia – 3,963
Philippines – 4,008
South Africa – 4,105

Most active
Hong Kong – 6,880
China – 6,189
Ukraine – 6,107
Japan – 6,010
Russia – 5,969

If you’re struggling to up your daily step count then there are a few changes that you can make to get your legs moving.

1. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Or, if you live in a penthouse (lucky you), take the stairs up a few levels before you get the lift the rest of the way.

2. Head to the Dubai Mall and go shopping. Seriously, you’ll walk a long way.

3. Try to avoid the moving walkways at the metro stations and the airport if you’re not in a rush.

To read more about the study click here.

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