VIDEO: Adorable footage of Dubai Civil Defence rescuing a kitten

This video of Dubai Civil Defence coming to the aid of a kitten that managed to get stuck behind a wall is quite possibly the most adorable thing you’ll see today…

In the video posted by Yanni Animal Welfare members of the Civil Defence department can be seen desperately trying to free the kitten that found itself trapped behind a marble wall in one of Dubai Marina’s many towers.

According to the video that was posted just 12 hours ago, the kitten was placed on top of the wall for its own protection by mother and then accidentally fell in the whole.

Upon hearing the kitten scream, concerned residents called Dubai’s Civil Defence who arrived in just 15 minutes and some twenty minutes later, the kitten was rescued.


“In a very quick, highly professional operation, wrapped with compassionate and warm hearted feelings by the rescue guys toward the kitten … Dubai Civil defence rescues a kitten that fell in a 3 meter hole behind a marble wall in one of Dubai Marina towers.

“Apparently her mother took her up the sealing to protect her… They successfully took her out without breaking the wall! Thank you to all the heroes under leadership of H.E general Rashid Al Matroushi and a special thanks to our member Dr Alia Al Chamaa who reported it to us and also took care of the cats,” the video caption read.

This isn’t the first time that the Dubai Civil Defence have tugged at our heart strings…

Earlier this month, they helped a Dubai-based couple get engaged.

A UAE resident dressed up as a fireman (with the permission of the Emirates Martyrs fire station) and proposed with the help of four friends who held up a handmade sign that read “Will you marry me?”

The happy occasion was documented by the Dubai Civil Defence unit who posted a series of snaps on its official Instagram page @dcd997.

“In a beautiful gesture first of its kind Emirates Martyrs fire station hosted engagement party of a couple who decided to celebrate their event in fire station.

“The fiancé donned firefighter uniform to assure his fiancée of his readiness to overcome any challenges they might face in life journey.”


And, of course, she said yes.

Her now fiancé posted an image of the proposal on Instagram along with the caption: “Don’t think this picture needs a caption but here goes! I asked and she said yes. Her obsession with firetrucks made me decide exactly how I wanted to make this happen. Thank you @dcd997 for making this possible. Truly a memorable event in the start of our adventure together. Couldn’t have had this any other way. More pictures and videos coming soon!”

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