12 places Dubai residents should visit before the year’s up

There’s less than two months left till Dubai’s summer holiday season comes to an end… take advantage of the last few weeks of summer by going on an adventure.

To help narrow it down, we’ve shortlisted 12 great holiday destinations.

1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Emirates launched its first ever flight to Cambodia’s capital just four days ago. The city is known for its café culture, bustling nightlife scene and award-winning food, and it’s now the airline’s only flight destination in Cambodia.
Several must-see destinations include the Royal Palace which, as its name suggests, houses the members of the royal family, and Wat Phnom which is a temple that was built in 1372. You should also check out the Silver Pagoda temple, which gets its name because the floor is made with five tons of silver.
Flight time: 7.15 hrs
Price: From AED1,725 with Emirates Airline*

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