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WATCH: Dubai Civil Defence surprise Dubai resident with moving gesture



The Dubai Civil Defence have just surprised one of the city’s residents with what has to be one of the nicest gestures we’ve ever seen.

After hearing that a sales executive for Etisalat lost her cat as a result of the fire that occurred in Al Muraqqabat last week, the city’s defence department surprised Angelie Agoncillo Mangalidan with a cat that looked similar to the one she tragically lost.

According to the Director-General of Dubai Civil Defence Major General Rashid Than Al Matroushi, the moving gesture forms part of the nation’s “Year of Giving” initiative.

For all those wondering, Mangalidan, 26, named her cat Cheeno in honour of her late cat, Chico.

The Dubai Civil Defence shared the experience on their official Instagram account @dcd997. And, in just 24 hours has been viewed over 1,000 times.

This isn’t the first time that the Dubai Civil Defence has tugged at our heart strings.

Just three days ago, they made news headlines for saving a kitten that was stuck behind a three metre marble wall in Dubai Marina.

In the video posted by Yanni Animal Welfare members of the Civil Defence department can be seen desperately trying to free the kitten that found itself trapped behind a marble wall in one of Dubai Marina’s many towers.

According to the video that was posted just 12 hours ago, the kitten was placed on top of the wall for its own protection by mother and then accidentally fell in the hole.

Upon hearing the kitten scream, concerned residents called Dubai’s Civil Defence who arrived in just 15 minutes and some twenty minutes later, the kitten was rescued.

“In a very quick, highly professional operation, wrapped with compassionate and warm hearted feelings by the rescue guys toward the kitten … Dubai Civil defence rescues a kitten that fell in a 3 meter hole behind a marble wall in one of Dubai Marina towers.

“Apparently her mother took her up the ceiling to protect her… They successfully took her out without breaking the wall! Thank you to all the heroes under leadership of H.E general Rashid Al Matroushi and a special thanks to our member Dr Alia Al Chamaa who reported it to us and also took care of the cats,” the video caption read.

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