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VIDEO: Passengers burst into song and dance on an Emirates flight



Long-haul flights can be pretty dull. Once you’ve watched a movie and eaten some food from a plastic tray, there are still at least another four hours to kill. So what do you do? Play a game of solitaire? Take a really slow walk to the toilet a few times, making the person sitting in the aisle seat get increasingly annoyed every time you tap them on the shoulder and say, “emm, excuse me”? Well, not if you’re a member of a choir.

On a recent flight from Kenya to the US, 75 members of the Baylor University School of Music Men’s Choir performed Cayabyab’s song “Da Coconut Nut”, complete with dance moves.

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Emirates posted a clip on their Instagram page, saying: “We think this is the best song ever on coconuts. 75 members of the @bumenschoir recently flew with us and treated our crew to a delightful onboard performance.”

The song was composed by Filipino musician Ryan Cayabyab, and made popular by Smokey Mountain. The choir’s version has gone down well on social media.

One Instagram user wrote: “So proud of being a #Filipino right now coz this song was composed by famous filipino composer Sir Ryan Cayabyab and was sung by filipino band Smokey Mountains and novelty singer Yoyoy Villame [sic].”

While another commented: “AHAHAHAHA! I wanna be on that plane.”

Emirates wrote on the video that the song was a “…’thank you’ performance from the choir to our crew.” Members of the Emirates crew and other passengers can be seen filming the impromptu singalong.

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