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#SaidNoOneintheUAEever is trending on Twitter and it’s hilarious



The people of Dubai have taken to Twitter to share the most unlikely things you’d ever hear in Dubai. #SaidNoOneintheUAEever has been trending for a few days and it shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s our pick of the best.

1. We all hate to admit that this is true.


2. “Take my phone and get a picture of me with it.”


3. The Dubai stone is real.


4. Summer be like…


5. Every expat you ever meet:


6. … Is that even a thing?


7. We are too used to this.


8. Wait.. I have an address?


9. We all know how much ShortList loves a Dubai bathroom…


10. 2 mins…


11. Guilty.


12. We all know “on time” means 20 minutes late.


13. Maybe it’s time for another 7-star.


14. Bravo, Savannah.


15. The JLT struggle is real.


16. Be right back!


17. Please revert back regarding the same.


18. Every. Single. Time.


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