#90sUAE is trending on Twitter and everyone is getting nostalgic

The number of expats in the UAE has increased so much in the past ten years that you meet a ‘newbie’ every other day. Being a long-term expat can start to feel like an exclusive club… the ones who were here ‘before it was cool’ [pun not intended].

#90sUAE is trending on Twitter, and those who have spent decades in the country are loving the nostalgia. Do you remember any of this?

1. Roooooad triiiiip!

2. When the UAE wasn’t home to the biggest mall in the world.

3. #MostPopularKidInSchool

4. Channel 33 and chill.

5. It’s all about the freebie!

6. Build it and they will come.

7. Nightmares.

8. The treat with no name.

9. LOL.

10. “It’s just past 33 floors.”

11. Every single Eid.

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