PICTURES: This Dubai-based couple threw one of the most extravagant weddings you’ve ever seen

A Dubai-based couple are making headlines for what can only be described as one of the most lavish wedding ceremonies on the planet. While stats show the average wedding already costs SO MUCH MONEY, reports claim that Russian oligarch Aleksey Shapovalov and model Ksenia Tsaritsina threw a budget-busting multi-million dollar wedding.

According to the , the 70-carat diamond engagement ring is estimated to be worth around 7.7 million British pounds (almost US$ 10 million).

The ceremony was held in Moscow at Barvikha Luxury Village hotel, where they had an eight-tiered cake suspended from the ceiling, and entertainment from rock band Leningrad and Eurovision’s Polina Gagarina.


It seems that the couple knew that their wedding would be one of the most talked about weddings around – Ksenia posted a video of herself twirling in one of the two wedding dresses she wore, with the caption: “Indeed, the wedding of the year 2017. Love and thanks to everyone for coming!”


She also posted a picture of herself and her groom holding hands and staring into each other’s eyes, along with the caption: “That was incredible! Thank you to all our friends for sharing this magnificent day with us. Thanks to our big and loving family. And of course, thanks to my beloved organisers of this masterpiece wedding. It was unforgettable.”


The couple split their time between Russia and the UAE, and after wrapping up their lavish wedding ceremony in Moscow, they jetted to Dubai to stay at the Burj Al Arab.

Although many are calling it the wedding of the year, it’s got some stiff competition. Earlier this year a Dubai-based couple hired a whole cruise ship for Bollywood-style nuptials with 1,200 guests. They held four days of themed parties at multiple different venues.

How the other half live, eh? We can barely afford an avocado.

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