Team shortlist27 Aug 2017 AT 01:13 PM

There are now emojis painted on this Dubai road

Your daily commute just got happier
Team shortlist27 Aug 2017 AT 01:13 PM
Road, Safety, Driving
Road, Safety, Driving

Emojis just make everyone happeier, don't they? It's impossible to be annoyed by any message that has an emoji at the end of it. Honestly - tell you're boss you're going to be late because you're stuck in traffic and stick that laughing-crying face at the end of it. Works like a charm.

With that in mind, your commute to work just got happier. In an attempt to make your daily commute both safer and happier, the Dubai government has painted three larger than life smiling emojis on Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed road.

The smileys are accompanied by the phrase “Drive safely” which has been translated in Arabic, English and Urdu.

Aside from raising awareness about road safety, the project, commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, aims to spread happiness among road users. It also aims to encourage road users to call 80088889 should they spot any road damage that requires emergency maintenance.

If your daily commute doesn’t involve driving down Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed road, don’t worry, according to national news agency WAM, more smileys will soon be gracing the streets of Dubai.

Speaking on the creative initiative, the Director of the Road’s Department for Dubai’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development Ahmed Al Hammadi told local news agency Khaleej Times: “Federal roads projects which the ministry supervises in different parts of the country aim to basically make the people happy and provide them a decent life.

"Emiratis and residents of the country are at the centre of the ministry's policies. We work to bring happiness and road safety to them," he added.

Aside from emojis, you can expect to see a number of red roads in Dubai in the near future.

This past July, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it would be painting several roads in the city red to indicate a change in speed limit.

The government body believes that by doing so drivers will be more aware of the change in speed limit which would ultimately result in fewer accidents occurring on key roads in the city.

According to a series of tweets released by the RTA at the time, Oud Metha Street (near Bu Kadrah Interchange) will be one of the roads to receive the colourful makeover as the speed limit is set to reduce from 100 kmph to 80 kmph.