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Emirates Economy passengers will soon be able to pay for extra legroom seats



Bagging an exit seat is the next best thing to bagging an upgrade. You can swing your legs about with all that extra leg room, and you don’t have to get up when the person beside you decides they want to go to the toilet during meal service. It’s a win-win.

If you’re flying Emirates and you want to guarantee yourself one of the best seats on the aircraft, you will soon be able to pay for the privilege. The airline introduced ‘Advance Seat Selection’ earlier this year, and from August 20 it will be adding further add-ons to this service, with ‘Extra Value’ seats.

If you want to book a Regular seat in advance it will set you back between $10 and $25 while a Preferred seat will be between $20 and $65. A Twin seat will cost between $25 and $85, and the Extra Legroom (our personal favourites) will be between $40 and $105.

In case you’re confused, here’s a breakdown of the different seats.

Regular – “Our regular seat is the standard seat in Economy Class designed for ultimate comfort.”

Preferred – “A seat closer to the front of the plane allowing you to disembark the plane quickly.”

Twin – “A row of two seats, at the back of the 777 aircraft and at the front of the aircraft on the upper deck of the A380, and usually closer to the onboard lavatories.”

Extra Legroom – “An exit row seat so you can enjoy extra legroom. These seats may also be closer to the lavatories or galley on some aircrafts. Note that you’ll need to comply with the safety requirements.”

If you’re in the loyalty club you’ll get special treatment. That is, as long as you’re not Blue.

Silver customers will be able to select a Regular seat free of charge, Gold customers will have access to book Regular and Preferred, and Platinum cardholders will also be able to book a Twin seat for free. Interestingly, everybody will need to cough up for those illusive Extra Legroom seats, no matter how frequently they fly with Emirates.

Of course, this is only for people who are keen to secure their seat in advance. You can book a seat for free at check-in, up to 48-hours before your flight.

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