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Cigarette believed to be the cause of Dubai Torch Tower fire



After weeks of careful investigation Dubai Police has announced that a cigarette was the likely cause of the fire that occurred at the Torch Tower in Dubai Marina earlier this month.

According to a statement given by Dubai Police’s Commander-in-Chief, Major General Abduallah Al Marri, to local newspaper The National, it is believed that the fire was caused by a cigarette butt that was thrown off a balcony. The cigarette landed into a pot plant which later caused the fire to erupt.

“We suspect that a person threw a cigarette butt and it landed on a plant at a balcony at The Torch tower which caused the fire,” he said.

The fire, which broke out in the early hours of Friday morning on August 4, caused residents to be evacuated from the building. Fortunately everybody in the 87-storey tower managed to get out and there have been no casualties or injuries reported. However, 38 apartments across 64 floors were left severely damaged.

The blaze was put out within two hours and the cooling process began on Friday morning. All roads surrounding and leading to the building re-opened later that day.

The city’s Civil Defence department was praised for their hard work and swift response – they arrived within a matter of minutes – and have since conducted a series of talks and workshops to help educate people on the preventative measures and causes of fires.

To help minimise the chance of a similar outbreak, Major General Al Marri stressed that all building security staff should be required to undergo proper safety training.

During a recent seminar, Major General Al Marri revealed that the two most common causes of fires in Dubai are electrical faults and improper disposal of cigarette butts.

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