13 signs that winter is coming to Dubai

1. You looked out the window and could actually see the buildings across the road.
Say goodbye to the hazy mornings and hello to your view.

2. You went outside and your glasses didn’t fog up…
And you could write a text on your phone without wiping it on your top first.

3. You’ve started walking to work…
… or at least walking to the metro.

4. Everyone seems a bit nicer…
So do you, to be honest. Must be because your shirt is no longer sticking to your body and your hair is no longer stuck directly to your forehead.

5. Everything seems a bit more fast paced…
When winter starts, so does Dubai’s peak season. This means more events, announcements, and a packed social calendar.

6. Your friends have started talking about things like Garden Centre’s Saturday market, Ripe and Dubai Garden Glow again.
If you haven’t been, Ripe and The Garden Centre are great for food and buying a few niche keepsakes while Dubai Garden Glow will do wonders for your Instagram account.

7. You’ve started introducing colour to your wardrobe again.
This is mainly because you’re no longer worried about sweat stains.

8. Your office bag suddenly seems a lot lighter…
This is probably because you don’t have to carry a spare set of clothes, makeup, makeup remover and a massive bottle of deodorant.

9. You don’t have to turn your car on 15 minutes before getting in…
And, you’ve actually touched your steering wheel confidently for the first time in 16 weeks.

10. Despite the fact that the weather is in the high 30s, you keep telling your friends and family back home that it’s a lovely day outside.
If it’s not over 45°C and 80 percent humidity, it’s not that hot.

11. Someone asked you to go hiking and you actually considered going.
You decided against it, not because of the heat but because you have brunch plans on Friday.

12. You looked at the sky and saw one cloud.
You are now convinced that it is going to rain soon.

13. Dubai suddenly seems like the entertainment capital of the world.
Concert season in Dubai officially starts in October. And, with the F1, Sensation and Fiesta de los Muertos, there’s SO MUCH to look forward to!

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