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The world’s first self-cooling sunbed is launching in Dubai



If you’ve ever tried to tan in Dubai during summer, you will be familiar with the many joys (struggles) that come along with it. There’s the temporary blindness that occurs every time you take off your sunglasses, the awkward dance you do when you forget to put your flip-flops to go to the pool and, of course, the extreme pain associated with laying down on your blistering hot sunbed…

Luckily for us, and all those who enjoy sunbathing, a new invention is about to make tanning in Dubai a lot cooler (literally).

The invention is the world’s first self-cooling tanning bed.

Invented by British expat Jay Ventham, the KoulsDown sun lounger will be able to cool your body down by as much as two degrees through the use of a special gel-lined mattress and memory foam lining.

“The gel is positioned in the upper layers, so it gives an instant cooling effect when laid upon. It also reacts when in contact with the body, absorbing body heat and dissipating it back out into the air, giving a pleasant, cooling feeling and relieving discomfort from over-heating,” explains Ventham.

The gel used in the KoulsDown sunbed

The beds, that were inspired by Ventham’s personal experience with tanning in Dubai (he got heat sores and rashes), will come in a number of colours including from white, blue, grey and black.

The KoulsDown range

Those looking to bling-up their beds, we’ve got some good news. You will be able to customise your bed to include the likes of gold-plating, Swarovski crystals and replica gemstones – it wouldn’t be Dubai without a bit of bling.

Aside from being seriously cool (sorry), the beds come with side tables that have a Bluetooth option, meaning that all you need now is your inflatable unicorn, donut or pizza slice and you’ve got yourself a party.

KoulsDown sunbed and side table

The KoulsDown collection is set to launch later this month at the Dubai Leisure Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre on September 18 until September 20.

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