This is what your go-to photo pose says about you

There’s something about taking a photo that tends to fascinate some, frighten others and just leave most absolutely blank because (amongst other reasons) they have no idea what to do with hands…

I feel for you; it’s hard to know what to do with your hands when someone goes in for a photo.

So I’ve put together a handy little guide – here are the options for what to do with your hands, and what it says about you if you choose them.

One thumb up
Can’t really go wrong with this one – it’s a little earnest, but it’s nice and friendly. People will think you’ve got your life together, basically. The camera won’t capture your internal screams.

Two thumbs up
A bit children’s TV presenter. I’d stick to one thumb.

Thumb(s) down
This is funny if you’re like at a wedding or a birthday party but any other time, it’ll just make you look a bit weird, really.

If you’re posing for a photo underwater, then you may find yourself inexplicably making this hand sign, but above ground it doesn’t really come into play, unless you’re standing over some food or something.

Do you want the people looking at the photo to think that you just randomly wave at people? What are you doing? The only time you should ever, EVER, do this is when you are more than 30 metres away from the camera.

Pointing at the camera
Pointing is fine, because it means “Hey, you caught me!” or “Hey, I know your game, Mr Photo Man!” or “Look out! There’s a train!”. Pointing is therefore often employed by your standard popular dude. That may or may not be you – but keep pointing, and one day it might be.

Pointing at a friend next to you
This is fine, and a rather gracious way of subtly saying “gedda load of THIS guy!”. You’re politely deflecting attention over to your friend by heaping the praise, and guiding the eye, towards them. Maybe you’re a bit shy, but you’re a nice guy.

Bunny ears behind someone’s head
You are tired and old.

Crossed arms
This is very good, because doing this literally hides your hands, so dispenses with any stress. It also, however, makes you look unapproachable, cold and a bit angry…

Hands behind back
This is similar to crossing your arms, as it hides your hands and eliminates hand-pose-based worry. Only thing is, you will unavoidably look like a 65-year-old man in a museum.

Hanging over a friend’s shoulder
You’re an amicable guy – look at you, with your mate Steve on your left, your mate Matt on your right, arms draped round their shoulders, this is life. This is life because you don’t even need to think about what to do with your hands – you can just let them hang there, or alternatively, actively grasp onto their shoulders. Easy-going, friendly you.

Hands in hair
Literally only do this if you are a model and it is for a photoshoot and you are very good looking. If you are doing this in a restaurant and it’s not for a photoshoot, then, well, what are you doing?

Right, now that you know what to do, and what messages you’re sending across, be free*.

*If you plan on doing a duck face whilst being free, stay in the box.

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