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Dubai cars to be fitted with automatic emergency call systems



The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched a new feature that will automatically alert emergency authorities in the event of an accident.

The nifty feature will be fitted to all cars that are imported into the UAE from 2019.

TRA revealed in a statement that the new system will accelerate the accident response time by providing a much-needed feature for rapid communication with the emergency teams. It is believed that the feature will reduce the level of human error in locating the accident and, as a result, achieve the highest level of integration in emergency response.

In the event of an accident, the eCall system will automatically connect the vehicle to the emergency authorities. That’s not all – the system as has the ability to sense to magnitude of the accident and based on the requirements and severity will contact the nearest emergency centre. During this time, it will send your geographical location as well as other relevant data. And, regardless of whether the call is made automatically or manually, the eCall service will provide communication between the vehicle and the emergency centre staff, which will allow passengers to answer questions about their condition.

Speaking on the news, the Director General of the TRA, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori said: “The eCall initiative is part of TRA’s mission to improve the quality of services to the people, and enhance community happiness based on the ICT sector.”

He added: “We strive to achieve leadership in the ICT infrastructure in the UAE, as well as enhance the smart lifestyle of all those living on this land. This requires innovative efforts to come up with solutions that are in line with the requirements of the era and the global developments.”

eCall is the latest initiative set up by the government in an attempt to improve road safety.

Just last month, the Dubai government has painted three larger than life smiling emojis on Sheikh Zayed bin Mohammed road. The smileys are accompanied by the phrase “Drive safely” which has been translated in Arabic, English and Urdu.

Government officials are also set to reduce the speed limit on two major roads.

From Sunday, October 15, the new speed limit on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road will be 110 kilometres per hour as opposed to 120km/hr.

Speaking on the news, the CEO of Dubai’s Traffic and Roads Agency Maitha bin Adai said: “Lowering the speed limits on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Emirates Roads is a result of elaborate traffic safety studies and analyses of traffic accident data along with their causes over the past years.”

She added: “The decision is mainly intended to curb traffic accidents resulting from over speeding, especially as the two roads witness huge volumes of heavy vehicles traffic in both directions. Controlling the speed limits is one of the most effective measures of reducing traffic accidents.”

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