Dubai Civil Defence now has fire-fighting drones

Being a city full of skyscrapers, Dubai Civil Defence has to be prepared to fight fires on high floors. And now, it seems that they’ve got a brilliant new piece of kit to help them.

According to the DCD, they are now utilising drones to assist with monitoring and tackling fires. The drones can fly for up to six hours, and are able to carry up to 600 kilograms each.

A video uploaded to twitter shows how these drones can be used to fly straight from the fire station to the affected building, and spray water at the blaze.

Apparently the drones will be able to send footage directly back to the DDC headquarters.

As well as fighting fires, they will be able to detect improperly stored chemicals using thermal technology, helping to reduce the chances of warehouse and factory fires.

“One of our key responsibilities to the public is to remain fully alert while managing our resources effectively and efficiently in facing emergency situations,” said Colonel Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, assistant director of DCD’s Smart Services department.

“By collecting real-time video information faster ad sharing that intelligence across more channels, we are better able to help Dubai progress towards its goal of becoming the happiest city in the world and achieve its Smart Vision goals,” he added.

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