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Dubai named one of the world’s most powerful cities



For the first time, Dubai has made the list of the world’s most powerful cities. According to the Global Power City Index 2017, Dubai ranks 23rd in the world and first place in the Middle East.

The index rates 44 cities using date to display their economy, research and development, cultural interaction, liability, environment, and accessibility. According to the GPCI, scoring is based on “their comprehensive power to attract creative people and business enterprises from around the world.”

London took the number one spot for the sixth year in a row, scoring highly in all areas. New York came in at number two, followed by Tokyo in third position. In fact, the top five is exactly the same as last year.

Dubai comes in at 23, behind Copenhagen (20), Brussels (21), and Chicago (22). The UAE city beat off competition from Barcelona (24), and Boston (25) who followed closely behind.

According to the summery of findings: “Dubai boasts strengths in Cultural Interaction (No. 9) and Economy (No. 11) mainly thanks to strong evaluations for Corporate Tax Rate in Economy, and Number of Luxury Hotel Guest Rooms in Cultural Interaction.”

Dubai also scored highly for number of foreign residents, as well as number of visitors from abroad.

Here’s the full list:

1 London
2 New York
3 Tokyo
4 Paris
5 Singapore
6 Seoul
7 Amsterdam
8 Berlin
9 Hong Kong
10 Sydney
11 Los Angeles
12 Frankfurt
13 Beijing
14 Vienna
15 Shanghai
16 Stockholm
17 San Francisco
18 Zurich
19 Toronto
20 Copenhagen
21 Brussels
22 Chicago
23 Dubai
24 Barcelona
25 Boston
26 Osaka
27 Madrid
28 Vancouver
29 Washington D.C.
30 Istanbul
31 Kuala Lumpur
32 Milan
33 Bangkok
34 Geneva
35 Moscow
36 Taipei
37 Fukuoka
38 Mexico City
39 Sao Paulo
40 Buenos Aires
41 Jakarta
42 Mumbai
43 Cairo
44 Johannesburg

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