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The UAE will offer free coding courses to 1 million people



Remember when you were at school and you had a chat with a career advisor about what you wanted to do? If you were anything like us you picked the thing that sounded cool at the time. And now we’re kicking ourselves, because our friends who chose computing or software programming are driving Ferraris and we’re sitting around wondering when robots will take our jobs.

But luckily tech is now the coolest thing ever amongst youngsters, so now is the time to encourage people to code.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, launched the One Million Arab Coders initiative this week, offering young Arabs the opportunity to learn to code and programme for free.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “Coding is the language of the modern era. Our goal is to teach it to one million young Arabs, in order to prepare them now for the requirements needed to excel in the future.”

He continued: “Coding will create many job opportunities for young people to compete for remotely; it will pave the way for them to participate in the global economy online, from home[…] Many young Arabs have unstoppable potential, all they need is support. We hope this will be the first step in a journey that takes our region toward a brighter future.”

The initiative has been launched with the Dubai Future Foundation, and hopes to equip young people will the skills to contribute to the digital economy and secure their future.

Young Arabs can register for free training via, and it’s well worth doing, because over the next two years the top 1,000 coders will compete for a top prize of $1 million.

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