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Speed limit on two major Dubai roads could go back to being 120kmphr



It looks like the speed limit on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road could go back to being 120kmphr…

According to a new report by Gulf News, if safety does not improve on both roads before March 15, 2018, the speed limit could go back to being 120kmphr as opposed to the current 110kmphr speed limit that was enforced earlier this month.

“When we reduced the speed limit from 120 km per hour to 110 km per hour, our aim was to save lives, and statistics [taken from] before, and then after six months, will determine that. If the comparison results are the same or negative on March 15 [2018], then I promise everyone to apologise and work with the RTA to revert to the speed as it was,” Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Dubai Police’s Assistant Commander-in-chief for Operations and head of the UAE Federal Traffic Council, explained.

He added: “I will reveal the stats with transparency.”

The announcement comes just 15 days after the new speed limit was introduced on both roads in the hopes of improving road safety.

Previously speaking on the change in speed limit on Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, the CEO of Dubai’s Traffic and Roads Agency Maitha bin Adai previously said: “Lowering the speed limits on the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Emirates Roads is a result of elaborate traffic safety studies and analyses of traffic accident data along with their causes over the past years.”

She added: “It resulted in addressing several traffic safety requirements such as pedestrian bridges, safety rails, and truck lay-by areas which contributed to realising RTA’s vision.

“The decision is mainly intended to curb traffic accidents resulting from over speeding, especially as the two roads witness huge volumes of heavy vehicles traffic in both directions. Controlling the speed limits is one of the most effective measures of reducing traffic accidents.”

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