Team shortlist05 Nov 2017 AT 03:18 PM

You can now sell your home in Dubai in under 30 minutes

No, we’re not kidding…
Team shortlist05 Nov 2017 AT 03:18 PM
You can now sell your home in Dubai in under 30 minutes
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If you’re looking to sell the home that you have in Dubai, you can now do so in under 30 minutes – no, we’re not kidding. It's all thanks to a website called "" . 

If the name sounds familiar, it' is because the initiative belongs to Saygin Yalcin - the man behind

“We are aiming to change the way people buy and sell real estate and are confident that we will succeed in shortening and simplifying the real estate sales process using technology. We have gotten great interest from GCC buyers, as a whole, interested in buying real estate in Dubai and have recently launched the Arabic version of our website to make it even more user friendly," Yalchin explains.

He adds, “The residential real estate market in the nine biggest cities in the GCC is worth approximately $100 billion and hopes to take a five percent market share within five years.”

If you’d like to register your home on, here’s what you need to do.

  • Firstly, you need to create an account (click here to do so).
  • Once you’ve done that, you will then have to upload all the necessary information about your property such as the total number of bedrooms, the overall size and where it is located.
  • Once that’s done, the site will give you a rough estimate of your property.
  • Which is then followed by booking a home evaluation with one of’s consultants who will visit your property and carry out a process called “pics and ticks” – it’s exactly what it sounds like. They will take a series of photos of your property and scan through a hundred point check list.
  • Once this is done, the information will be uploaded to the website, where the formal bidding process will take place. After an official offer has been accepted, the team will work with you to ensure a smooth payment process.

“It’s a new world, where everyone is living online and now selling your home cannot get easier... we will deliver the fastest way to sell your property by leveraging our proprietary technology and a growing network of professional real estate investors,” explains Omar Chihane, co-founder and CEO of

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