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Fetchr to use drones to make deliveries in Dubai



The next time you’re looking to send a package in Dubai using Fetchr, you could do so via the use of drones. No, we’re not kidding.

The US based logistics company has just announced that it has joined forces with Eniverse Technologies and Skycart to develop the very first autonomous drone delivery service in the region. And, while the exact launch date is not yet known, it is believed to take place sometime before the end of the year.

Once up and running, the Skycart autonomous will have the capacity to carry out a number of different types of deliveries (we’re guessing it will be able to transport anything from documents to clothing to keys) and it will also be able to carry out deliveries in under 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Speaking on the “game changing” initiative, the founder and CEO of Fetchr Idriss Al Rifai said, “At its core Fetchr is a technology company, and this partnership represents a significant milestone for us as we work towards achieving Fetchr’s vision of enabling all deliveries through technology and disrupting the last mile delivery industry.”

He added: “These autonomous drones from Skycart will help us beat typical last mile challenges, and enhance the delivery experience of our customer while they are on the go.

“We are committed to collaborating with the concerned authorities in the UAE and become part of the country’s endeavours to be at the forefront of global innovation and implementation of such advanced technologies.”

Fetchr is latest organisation looking to utilise the time saving benefits that come with using drones.

Just last month, Costa completed its first successful drone delivery in Dubai by sending refreshments to people on Kite beach from the Jumeirah Beach Road store using a drone that they have since dubbed the “coffee-copter”

Speaking on the news at the time, the head of marketing at Costa Coffee UAE, Shemaine Jones said: “Dubai is known for leading the way with innovative technology and drones are the next frontier for instant delivery. Our customers told us they’d love to have their favourite drinks dropped off by drones, so we’re super excited to have successfully tested this service, enabling beach-goers to enjoy ice cold beverages without leaving the comfort of their sun-loungers.”

The city’s police force has also expressed an interest in the high flying machine. In September this year, the Dubai Police launched a new initiative that now sees them use a series of drones to capture live broadcast recordings of traffic as well as major events happening within the emirate.

“The new technology will help to record events, emergencies, disasters and accidents in Dubai and live broadcast to the command room so the officer can take proper decisions on time. It will also archive the recordings to use them for training purposes,” the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri explained.

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