Team shortlist14 Nov 2017 AT 09:17 AM

Dubai Marina to get its very own zip line

Well, this is exciting!
Team shortlist14 Nov 2017 AT 09:17 AM
Dubai Marina to get its very own zip line
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If you’ve been to Dubai Marina recently, you may have noticed two long wires suspending from the sky, those are no ordinary wires, it’s the districts very own zip line!

The zip-line that will run from one end of the popular district and land on the roof of Marina Mall is the brainchild of XDubai, the same company that created the XLine zip line which ran past the Dubai Fountain in 2015.

While the exact launch date and price of the 1km long attraction is not yet known, we do know that those brave enough to try it will do so in a lying down (yes, like superman) and will travel at a speed of 60kphr in just 2.5 seconds after their initial take off.

Should you wish to experience the city’s latest attraction with a friend you can, as once open, the zip line will allow two zip liners to “fly” across the waters simultaneously.

Dubai Marina zipline

News of Dubai Marina’s zip line comes shortly after it was announced that the UAE, or more specifically Ras Al Khaimah, would be home to the world’s longest zip line – it will be over the length of 28 football (soccer, for all our American readers) fields.

The must-see attraction will feature two lines, allowing friends and family to experience the journey together, and will be up and running by December this year.

While the exact length of the zip line is being kept a secret until it officially opens, we do know that it is already expected to break the Guinness World Record for longest zip line in the world while the zip line itself is expected to be named the world’s highest zip line.

As for the actual journey down, according to the official press release, adrenaline junkies will be harnessed to the zip line in a flying superman position. Once strapped in and ready, their journey to the bottom of the 1,934 metre mountain will begin.

If you’re suddenly feeling lightheaded, don’t worry. There will be two stops. The first will spans across a length of roughly 1,600 metres while the second will tackle the last 300 metres to the ground.

The zip line will be able to accommodate 250 people a day, which would calculate to 100,000 people in its first year alone.

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