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Buildings in Dubai will soon be charged for waste collection



As part of the government’s plan to reduce the per capita solid waste generation per day to 900 grams, the Dubai Municipality has announced that it will be outsourcing its waste management system by the middle of next year, with a tipping fee charged per ton of waste disposed.

This means that owners or property management companies of commercial or residential buildings will have to make a contract with municipality-approved private companies for collecting and transporting waste to landfills.

Companies will be given a maximum of six months to make the contract once Dubai Municipality announces the tipping fee.

So far, the Dubai Municipality has been providing building owners the service for free with companies transporting the waste paying a fee of AED10 for dumping waste at landfills.

Director of the Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality, Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Saifaie says the waste collection fee will be implemented zone-wise with three companies offering the best prices within each zone to ensure building owners / management companies are not over charged.

It is still unclear whether the fees will be passed on to tenants, who already have to pay a five percent of their rent towards housing fee which includes civic services – we’ll, of course, keep you updated when more information is released.

News of the waste collection fee comes just weeks after the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority launched it “Move To” initiative.

The feature, which was launched in August, allows residents to transfer their details to a new residence by simply handing in their new Ejari document.
Previously, residents would have to cancel their account, settle their bill, request their deposit and then pay their new deposit upfront.

Now, all they need to do is submit their new Ejari tenancy contract to the Customer Happiness Centre or submit it online using the DEWA smart app or the website.

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