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5 Outdoor Activities To Try In Dubai This Winter

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Outdoor Activities To Try In Dubai This Winter

If you’ve been moaning about Dubai’s hot and humid summer, you can stop right about now. Temperatures have dropped (it’s in the 20˚Cs range) and, now’s the time you should be stepping out for some fun in the sun. Not sure what your options are? We’re here to help. Here’s our list of five great outdoor activities that you have to try this winter!

1. Desert safari
Want to experience a desert safari in true Dubai style (in other words, something fancy)…try out Platinum Heritage. Exploring the desert in 1950s museum-quality vintage Land Rovers (from AED595) and luxury Range Rovers (from AED1,595) puts the experience a notch above the rest. Get to the Bedouin camp on the back of a camel, followed by a traditional welcome with Arabic coffee, dates, and rose water before indulging in a host of different activities that include a petting farm as well as getting up-close with Salukis (stunning dog breed used for hunting) and watching falcons in flight.  

2. Cycling
The Dubai Fitness Challenge may be over but if you’re looking to combine fitness with fun, cycle your way around Nad Al Sheba’s . The 8.4km course is free to use (extra points for that) and is open 24 hours a day. As exciting as taking a photo might be (because the view of the city is that good), we advise you to focus on your ride, wouldn’t want to get hurt, now would you? Unfortunately, those who don’t own a bike can’t rent one there, yet. But as its name suggests, it is a running track too, so you can do that too and, maybe even take a picture.

3. Skydiving
We’re obviously not talking to the faint-hearted. Besides giving you an adrenaline rush, this leap at will give you unmatched views of Palm Jumeirah (AED1,999). If budget is a constraint, the Desert Campus location will give you the same thrill at AED1,699, minus the views – of course.

4. Horse riding
Horse riding in the heart of the desert…what’s not to love? Besides, your age or skill level doesn’t matter, making it suitable for anyone really. A ride at tops our list of places, with miles of gold desert creating the perfect backdrop for your ride. Plus, you get to choose from a sunrise or sunset ride – we like.

5. Camping
If the sound of over 100 species of birds (including flamingos and swans), wildlife such as desert foxes and the oryx, a lake and lots of greenery excites you, set your Google maps to ‘Al Qudra Lakes’. Located in the middle of Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams, the beloved camping spot is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Added bonus? There are no camping charges.

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