Naina Shahani 03 Dec 2017 AT 04:12 PM

Dubai gets another record on National Day

Naina Shahani 03 Dec 2017 AT 04:12 PM
Dubai gets another record on National Day
© Instagram/DubaiPoliceHQ

Dubai is no stranger to World Records. Of the 186 records that the UAE holds, the city is responsible for 139 of them.  And, Dubai's latest one, is particularly special not only because it was nabbed by Dubai Police on National Day (that was celebrated on Saturday, December 2), it was done with a "smile".

The police department along with 17 participating clubs achieved the Guinness World Record for forming the world's largest smiley face. They did so with the help of 143 cars, that were covered in the colours of the UAE flag. 

If you're new to Dubai, here's a shortlist of records that the city claimed this year... 

1. Largest stencil
Produced during the Middle East Film and Comic Con event 2017, the artwork depicted the city’s skyline and featured superheroes. The 11.13sqm stencil was a collaboration between ProWalls and the UAE Graffiti team. 

2. Largest wheelchair race
Organised by Dubai Police, the race saw 289 wheelchair users cover a distance of one mile during the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2017. 

3. World’s largest permanent projection mapping
Five times bigger than the world’s largest IMAX screen, the projection (the second multi-sensory show from Imagine titled ‘A Child’s Dream) on the InterContinental Dubai Festival City is the world’s largest permanent projection surface.

4. Maximum number of people doing jump squats
A crowd of 497 people got together at the Festival Bay area of Dubai Festival City for simultaneous jump squats. 

5. Most table tennis bounces
This title was achieved by French teen Alexandre Mitterrand at Etisalat Beach Canteen in February 2017. He managed 27 bounces in one minute on a racquet. The impressive part? He did it blindfolded. 

6. Most passes of a beach ball
Egyptians Moatasem Elhamamy and Hani Khalil napped a spot in the history books for passing a beach ball between them 22 times in a minute. A pretty decent number considering the fact that one of them was blindfolded the entire time.

7. Largest flower arrangement
Dubai Miracle Garden holds the record for a structure measuring 72.95m x 78.34m x 21.98m. If you haven’t seen or read about it, it’s in the shape of an Airbus A380. Click here to find out more.