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Google can now tell you which famous paintings you look like



Selfies. Selfies selfies selfies, filling the internet, making the air thick with the data of people’s best sides. Once upon a time people would be embarrassed to say that the nice picture they had of their face was one they took themselves, maybe even after lots of tries. But now, it’s like, you know what, this took fifteen goes and I look sexy.

Google, who you might have heard of (they’re like a sort of AltaVista ripoff) have a new app (like a sort of game but less fun), Google Arts & Culture. Among its many features is the option to upload a selfie and look for your doppelganger within the art world.

It looks at your face, creates a ‘faceprint’ (based on key distances and sizes) and scours the highbrow world of paintings for similarities. Is there a 19th Century painting of a mermaid that looks a bit like you? Did the 15th Century Aztec ruler Tezozomoc totally have your smile?

There are more than 70,000 works of art within the database, so there’s bound to be one somewhere that can recreate your duck-faced stare.

The app, free from both the App Store and Google Play, has delighted some people with their gallery-hanging lookalikes:

Some people have been less than impressed with their doubles though…

Click here to try it for yourself.

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