Kate-Lynne Wolmarans21 Jan 2018 AT 10:45 AM

Dubai to get world’s first floating kitchen

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Kate-Lynne Wolmarans21 Jan 2018 AT 10:45 AM
Dubai to get world’s first floating kitchen
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If you’ve ever found yourself famished at sea or if you, like us, constantly forget your cooler box at home or forget to restock your boat’s fridge (always fun when that happens), we have some great news for you. Thanks to Aqua Pod, the world’s first floating kitchen, you will never be hungry at sea again (provided that you are within a specific area and have money).

According to Ahmad Yousuf, the founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio – the main consultant and builder for Aqua Pod, the concept that is based off a food truck will be gracing our shores or more specially the shores of Jumeirah later this month.

Floating kitchen

“The Aqua Pod is able to move around and relocate depending on consumer demand. The main areas we are going to be serving at the start will be in Jumeirah, so places like Al Sufouh Beach, Kite Beach, and the Palm Lagoon one and two,” Yousuf tells local newspaper, Gulf News.

Now that you know where the project will be, here’s how you can place your order.

Smaller boats and jet skis can place their orders directly at the Aqua Pod. Those with yachts will be given flags – members of Aqua Pod will use jet skis to get to your yacht and hand you a flag which you would then use to signal them when you are ready to order.

Burgers are the food of choice. “Our client decided to go with the burger concept, most people out on the beach like to eat a burger, and it’s the easiest meal to consume. In the future, the menu options can be expanded to pizzas and desserts depending on the success”, Yousuf explains.

While we do not own any form of marine transport, we are always open to trying new things – in case we aren’t being clear, here’s what we are actually saying – “readers with boats please let us join you the next time you’re heading out to Jumeirah. We want to order from the cool floating kitchen”.

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