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Dubai’s TRA addresses rumour of AED5,000 VPN fine



It looks like the news of internet users facing a AED5,000 fine for using VPN is false.

Dubai’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has issued an official statement disproving the rumour.

“There are no legislations in the country that obstruct the economic movement or the work of local or international companies based in the UAE.”

It added that it is only concerned with the use of VPN for illegal or fraudulent policies, as outlined in Federal Law No.5 issued in 2012.  A decree implemented in an attempt to protect the information stored on credit and civil cards.

The VPN rumour comes just weeks after Etisalat and du confirmed that Skype has officially been blocked in the UAE.

The Telecommunication providers announced the news via twitter.

In an attempt to soften the blow, both bodies have launched paid for alternatives such as Botim and C’me.

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