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Dubai has just nabbed another world record

And it’s pretty tea-rrific
Team shortlist28 Jan 2018 AT 10:58 AM
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The record holding tea cup
The record holding tea cup

Dubai has broken another record and, this time it has nothing to do with architecture or speed. Nope, this time the city has nabbed the Guinness World Records for the largest cup of hot tea.

The massive tea cup, constructed at Global Village, measured a cool 3.66 metres in length and contained over 5,000 litres of hot tea. 

For those of us used to the 'one tea bag and a spoon of sugar' ritual, the volume of this one might be a little shocking. It consists of 155 kilograms of tea leaf powder, 360kg of sugar, 270kg of milk powder, 4,500 litres of water as well ginger, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom with the brewing process, understandably spanning across several hours. 

The record means that the combined effort of 120 chefs did not go to waste. Neither did the tea. Global Village visitors were invited to join the ‘par-tea’ and were given a cup of this record-breaking karak tea. More than 55,000 cups were served on Thursday, January 25. 

Guinness World Record

Dubai isn’t new to the Guinness World Records game. Nope, it has some of the biggest and some of the most unusual records in the world. Here's our favourite three.

1. World’s longest gold chain
No one else in the world can compete with Dubai when it comes to jewellery. The Dubai Celebration Chain measured an amazing five kilometers long, weighing 240 kilograms. The handmade ‘accessory’ was made up of over 4 million links, which took 100 craftsmen over 45 days to produce. The chain was split and sold into smaller wearable chains, because not even Mr T could pull off wearing this one. If 22 carat gold wasn’t enough, buyers were offered raffle tickets to win 40 kilos of gold and eight carats of diamonds.

2. World’s tallest chocolate sculpture
Unveiled at Dubai International Airport in 2014, the mammoth design was in the shape of, you guessed it, the Burj Khalifa. The tasty replica stood 13.52 meters tall and was created by Andrew Farrugia from Malta. The 500 tonnes of chocolate cubes were flown to Dubai in 500 separate boxes and had to be handled with extreme care, as they were prone to breaking. Farrugia and his team spent weeks repairing damaged sections before finally putting the finished structure on show. Unfortunately, the whole thing had to be thrown away after two weeks, as health and safety officials deemed it unsafe to eat. Sad times.

3. World’s largest doner
We all know nothing tastes better than a greasy kebab after a night out, and the staff at Doner Restaurant celebrated our love for doner meat by producing the largest the world has ever seen. The official stats have the giant skewer weighing a mouth-watering 468kg, and standing a staggering 2.95 meters tall and measuring 60cm in width. Months of preparation went into the record, most of which was spent finding a spit roast which could take the ridiculous weight of the meat. An industrial crane was needed to lift the mind-boggling doner so it could be measured before being cooked and carved up for less fortunate individuals and families in Dubai. We salute you Doner Restaurant!

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